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We are always interested in acquiring new members.

They are the lifeblood of any club.

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As we are now an Incorporated Club there are now certain rules and regulations we will need to follow in reference to membership. All of us, both existing and newmembers, will need to fill out one of these forms for our record

keeping purposes and it is also a requirement that we keep a
 central register of our membership listing which will be made
 available to any member on request.

We have tried to avoid setting down hard and fast rules and regulations as we really wanted a more relaxed atmosphere in the club.
However, with that in mind it does not mean we don't have standards we would require all members, guests and prospective members
to conduct themselves in a responsible and professional manner
and not do anything to that can lead to injury or damage or
to cause complaints to be made about our club or its membership

Anyones conduct which is deemed not in the interests of our
club or the people we are putting the show on for will be asked
to leave and the Committee will decide if further action is required

Guests are always welcome but they will be required to follow
the guidelines as laid out by the Committee, further to that if
they wish to participate they will need to sign the Visitors
Conditions and Rules form before they can participate.

 The public and the clients who ask us to put on a show are the
people that have helped this club become the success that it
is today so they should be treated with the respect they deserve.

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The Membership Application form can be downloaded from here as a Word document or send an email to the WebMaster and copy will be sent to you.

Our membership fees for 2015 will be as follows below:
Standard (1 Person) ===== 50.00 per year
Family 1 (2-3 People)  ===== 85.00 per year
Family 2 (4 or More) ===== 110.00 per year

With your membership fee you will receive a club vest, club name
badge and meals provided at NO CHARGE at most if not all the
shows we do. You will also get access to our own private website.
Plus the security of fully comprehensive insurance coverage
wherever we put on our shows.
 One flat fee, once a year gets you all this!

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