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Established March 2012 and still going and growing strong!

WEST COAST REMOTE CONTROL TRUCKS are in the process of relocating our home base!
We are moving to the:

Located at: 51 Anketell St, Kensington WA 6151 (Map)

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gosnells
Police and Community Youth Centre for their support in the past.

Check our
Calendar page for dates when we will be showing there!

We are well into another year and would you
believe it, the website is out of date!
Apologies for that but there are only so many hours
in a day and so many projects on the go I have
had trouble working out which one to finish first!
And as you can imagine, club members trucks
 tend to take a priority!
Since the launch of this website, would you believe back in 2011
before we became an Incorporated club, our little band of friends
who were just looking to have fun has certainly grown quite
dramatically with new members, new shows, new locations and
as always new ideas!
So, once again I am in catch up mode.

Stay Tuned (It will happen!)!

If you want to know where we started from, who we are and what we are about try reading the story on our
About Us Page

Please look around, you never know what you might find!
Our upcoming and past shows are on our
Calendar page.
If you like or even dislike tell us about it via our
Guest Book or Contacts page, we like to hear what our visitors have to say!

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